Fiery sale

Friday Jan 22, 2016

Fiery sale!

 Up Helly Aa heralds in our one-week sale - from Friday 22nd to Sunday 31st January - 10% off everything except Burra Bears and Paparwark.

The annual Up Helly Aa festival takes place on the last Tuesday of this month. With around 1000 guizers - or Vikings - the torchlit procession now attracts over 5000 spectators who follow the Vikings to Valhalla where the galley is consumed in a blazing finale.

Burning viking ship at Up Helly Aa, Lerwick

Throughout the night the procession goes from place to place, culminating in the annual dance on the Wednesday and a public holiday - and it doesn't end there, the following weeks carry on with the local communities holding their own fiery festivals and setting galleys ablaze at sea.

Be quick and bag a Shetland bargain before the Vikings leave.


With thanks to Lynn Goodlad for her photographs from the 2015 Lerwick Up Helly Aa.

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