Caring for your knitwear

Nielanell knitwear is designed to last

Here are a few recommendations to help ensure your garment lives a long and happy life:

  • Less is more when it comes to washing, many people find quality knitwear can be worn without washing for a long time (feel free to use our advice as a reason to do less laundry!).
  • Handwashing your garment is recommended.
  • We suggest that you hand-wash your garment using liquid for woollens, or flakes at 30 degrees or less. Harsh detergents are likely to ruin your knitwear. 
  • You may wish to wash in the machine on a very gentle hand-wash wool cycle at 30 degrees or less, using a small quantity of detergent specifically designed for delicate/wool items—but you need to ensure your washing machine uses a very gentle cycle. You must be confident in using your washing machine for woollens. We will not be responsible for items which shrink or felt by inappropriate machine washing or are damaged through use of regular detergents.
  • Do not wring.
  • Do not tumble dry.
  • Dry flat on a rack or in the fresh air, and steam/press very lightly*.
  • Alternatively, you can dry clean the garment. 

*Don’t iron Rigg pieces. We also recommend that you do not stretch out the textile when drying. Lie the piece flat, but with a bit of a crumple to allow for the natural spring in the fabric to contract.  No need to steam or press.   

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