Snow days

Thursday Feb 01, 2024

The view from the studio changes constantly but, with the new year, snow transformed our local landscape.

In the knitwear studio at Nielanell, Shetland. A view out with linking machine in the foreground to the snow covered gardens and sea beyond. Soft low winter light.

It's quite unusual for snow to lie so long, in Shetland. Our maritime climate prevents it! But in January we had a week of flurries and blizzards, the schools were closed and we were all advised to stay at home.

A white woman pulls a sledge up a snow covered slope in Hoswick, Shetland. She is wearing an allover Fair Isle jumper in yellow and dark petrol blue, a yellow bobble hat, black waterproof trousers and yellow wellies.
Katie on the Hoswick piste, sledge-testing her Smookie sweater. Verdict: storm cuffs are good for snow!

The 'arctic blast' brought more than just snow – a beluga whale was sighted off Hillswick!

Early morning, wintery Shetland scene at Hoswick. Snow covered fields and low yellow, copper winter sun.
Coppery sunlight on the sea, early morning, Hoswick.

While incredibly beautiful, snowy conditions are challenging for our emergency services, those who keep our roads gritted and our key workers. We are so grateful to them all.

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