Booking opens for Shetland Wool Week

Tuesday May 26, 2015

Booking open for Shetland Wool Week classes

Shetland Wool Week 2015 takes place 26 September - 4 October and in Hoswick alone, we are hosting 24 events at the Visitor Centre.

We are delighted to introduce Martha Owen from the US - a renowned spinner, knitter, dyer and storyteller who will be leading a number of classes. Elizabeth (shetland handspun) will also be doing her usual classes and some new classes (check out Four Fingers and a Thumb…), together with the lovely Wilma Malcolmson (Shetland Designer), Anne Eunson and, of course, Cecil Tait (paparwark). I intend to sign up for some of these classes for sure. 

note: late availability listings here >> 

I’m a knitter but after this week will probably be a spinner and dyer as well. Thank you ladies for a wonderful week!
- Lynne

events in Hoswick during Shetland Wool Week 2015

note: late availability listings here >> 

Free events and Drop in Sessions

26 Sept - 04 October Nielanell Open Studio

26 Sept - 04 October Drop-In Knitting, Spinning and Wheel Clinic

28 Sept - 02 October Weaving in Hoswick - Talk and Tour

28 Sept - 02 October Laurence Odie Knitwear Ltd., Factory Tour & Knitwear Shop

Special events

04 October At Peace - Sunday Lunch

Anne Eunson - knitting

30 September Dressing Lace

01 October Mak a Gravit in a Day!

02 October Lace Shawl Construction

Cecil tait - woodwork

28 September & 01 October Shawl Pin Whittle Workshop

01 October Make a Wooden Needle and Threading Hook

Elizabeth Johnston - dyeing and spinning

29 September Bugs and Bark - Playing with Natural Dyes

01 October Improver's Spinning Class

01 October Beginners Spinning, Spindle and Wheel

02 October Which Way? Fleece Preparation

Martha Owen - knitting and spinning

28 September 7 Ways to Knit

30 September Knitting Design with Handspun (Or any Favourite Yarn)

30 September Make it Go! Spinning Wheel Mechanics

01 October Beginners Spinning, Spindle and Wheel

Niela Kalra - dyeing and spinning

28September Dyed in the Wool

29 September Designer Yarn – From Concept to Completion

30 September (2 sessions) Heavenly Handpainting

02 October Which Way? Fleece Preparation 

Wilma Malcolmson - knitting and colourwork

28 September The Perfect Finish

01 October Painting with Colour

Every year Elizabeth and I host a couple of private days with Gudrun Johnston and Mary Jane Mucklstone's group to start with - they are always a great beginning to Wool Week.

This year I’m doing dye classes on Monday and on Wednesday I’m doing a couple of new half-day classes specifically for knitters - Heavenly Handpainting. We will paint pre-knitted sock blanks - although they need not be used for socks! My favourite part is designing them.

A chance to dive into fiber and color. What a wonderful workshop I will treasure my yarn and fiber long after the dye is gone from my fingers!
- Janis

What I especially love are my spinning design classes. Last year we all got a bit emotional in a similar class – Spin from your Heart – reaching deep to make a yarn that was very personal. This year we will be practicing with a few more creative yarn experiments – I’m just back from a workshop in Iceland with Jacey Boggs Faulker so have a bigger spinning arsenal! Here are a few comments from past participants…

An inspiring day with plenty of food for thought regarding my future spinning. Many thanks Niela.

- Jane

What a great day this has changed so many things from how I think of batt design, to making a batt and spinning it. Great fun but very thought provoking.

- Denise

For me it was a day I stepped over the line I wanted to step over but did not dare to… I enjoyed it very much.
- Sophie

On the last day, we have a very special day - our 'at peace' lunch. We begin the day playing - we set up all the spinning and knitting equipment so that we can all simply play! It's a day when Hoswick Wool Week tutors and friends get together and enjoy our visitors. We chat, reflect, trade stories from our week and learn from each other – last year, the partners of visitors joined us too, which was lovely.

What a lovely way to finish off Wool Week. Thank you all

- Susannah

For booking and the full programme details please visit the Shetland Wool Week website.

Please email ( or phone (01950 431413) if you have any questions about our classes – we are delighted to chat! Remember that we can help arrange transportation to and from Hoswick Wool Week classes.
Finally, some more comments from participants at Hoswick Wool Week…

This is a great venue for the “Fringe” events.

- Anne

My Mum (who behaved well for the most part... you'll have to ask somebody who was there for that story!) and Mavis (who behaved impeccably, as always).


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