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Shetland knitwear shop Nielanell stocks contemporary, unusual designs by Niela Nell Kalra at its studio in Hoswick, Shetland Islands.

A warm welcome awaits you at the Nielanell knitwear studio shop in Hoswick, Shetland.

We are conveniently located in the South Mainland, between Sumburgh Airport and Lerwick, and not far from Mousa Island and St Ninians Isle.



Colourful, inclusive, wide-ranging, welcoming, inspirational. I loved it. I often think of the view out the back window of the was a beautiful day and I'll never forget it.

Visitor, 2018

Our studio shop is a treasure trove of knitwear, brimming with pieces that you won’t find on the website. We do so enjoy welcoming people here, to meet the Nielanell team and sometimes Niela herself, when she’s not working on new designs!

Contemporary British knitwear in the Nielanell shop, Hoswick, Shetland

A place of pilgrimage for those in the know—the unassuming shop only hints at the tactile sweetshop within, bursting with vibrant colour and scrumptious texture. Our quirky, bohemian space isn’t big, but it is never happier than when receiving visitors. 

Fair Isle Shetland jumper, made in Shetland, at the Nielanell knitwear shop in Hoswick

Expect to try on colours and shapes that you have never considered before: we love to see how different people wear our contemporary pieces. And you’ll also hear the intriguing stories and narratives behind our collections, which are designed with layers of meaning.

Luxury, handspun art yarn in the Nielanell knitwear shop, Hoswick, Shetland. Greens and muted colours in various fibres are shown in a wooden trug.

If you’re a knitter or a weaver you might also find some of Niela’s sought-after handspun art yarn…but you don’t have to be a maker to appreciate these beautifully tactile objects. One customer dubbed it ‘coffee table yarn’!


We have a Covid-safe plan in place, so only one bubble can enter the studio at a time.  If the studio is full when you arrive, feel free to have a seat on the bench outside—or wander along to the Hoswick Visitor Centre for a cup of tea. 

Things to do in Hoswick, and facilities

  • Lawrence Odie Knitwear: traditional Shetland knitwear at great prices, open Monday-Friday.
  • Karlin Anderson Jewellery: hand crafted jewellery, open Monday-Friday or by appointment.
  • Hoswick Visitor Centre & Cafe: exhibitions, light lunches and snacks, local craft, open during the summer season, please contact HVC for up-to-date times.
  • ChargePlace Scotland Charging Station (opposite Hoswick Visitor Centre).

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