Summer in Hoswick

Wednesday Jul 14, 2021

As is traditional, at Nielanell the season began in May with the opening of the studio shop.

It’s been a different kind of spring and summer, but what a pleasure to welcome some visitors to the studio shop: thank you so much to all of you who have popped by.

A view to Hoswick bay, Shetland, across fields on a sunny summer day. Blue sky and wispy clouds. Lush green grass.

We've been lucky to have some beautiful weather.

We’re also so pleased to announce that we have a new member of the Nielanell crew! Alana is a student of contemporary textiles at Shetland College and is now working alongside Katie in the studio shop.

Holding out an armful of Rigg wrap scarves, outside the Nielanell contemporary knitwear studio, Shetland.

New studio assistant Alana...hiding from the camera (she's in good company on that score)!

Keeping in touch

Just as we’re missing friends old and new, many of you are missing Shetland. It’s been wonderful to keep in touch on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. We love getting your messages—thanks to all who have written by email, too. If you’d like to visit us virtually, with a private appointment, please do get in touch.

A young girl and her father play in a garden, he lifts her up high. Herbacious border in background. She is wearing a summer dress, he is in brown slacks and a cream cardigan.

The Rani collection is on display at Bonhoga Gallery this summer, along with source material that inspired its design.

Nielanell at Bonhoga Gallery, Shetland

Between 14th July and 7th August we have a display at Bonhoga Gallery, as part of the Shetland Arts & Crafts Association Summer Fair. Visit and find out about our Rani collection, the elements of Niela’s multicultural personal history (and her life in Shetland), which provided the inspiration for this contemporary knitwear.

Visiting Nielanell

If you’re planning to come and see us in person, here’s some useful information:

Stacks of contemporary Scottish knitwear - scarves - at the Nielanell studio shop in Hoswick, Shetland

Marlet scarves in the studio shop. Yes, there really are that many colours!
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